Facebook Scare and Trickery, How to Identify

  Facebook Scare and Trickery, How to Identify I would like to int roduce myself first, my name i s Thomas Fry   and I have a degree in Computer Information Technology with Technical  Certificates in Digital Forensics and In formation Technical Analysis . I hear every day in the news  about someone losing their entire retirement from an online scam. This breaks  my heart because figuring out if someone is lying on the internet is very easy, first, you should always know that if someone asked for money right away they are lying, second is an old but true saying "if it is on the internet than it must be a lie!" The easiest way to start you out to be able to protect yourself is that this process must always be done first, you must always be able to arrive at whomever's site independently of their button or their source of contacting you. I tell my Mother all of the time, please, if it is on Facebook then your first thought is that it is a scam, because if it is legit then t

Boyan Slat unveils The Ocean Cleanup Interceptor/ Good idea?

A good idea maybe, but there is NO wildlife protection built-in and there is no mention of what happens when this plastic is back onshore " may be placed in landfills". I think they are a good start but this machine will fill up in a matter of hours and what happens when you have to unload the machine for removing the garbage. I will be talking about this machine on next Tuesday Blue Collar Politics

My fight in life is who I am

My name is Thomas  AJ Fry "The Biblical Survivalist"  and I would like to tell you about myself. I was born in Cleveland Ohio and was raised in the little town of Ravenna, Ohio about an hour south of Cleveland. I am living proof that adoption works. I was adopted at a very young age by my parents, Mr. Gerald James Fry and Mrs. Patricia Ann Fry and I have one older sister and we lived in a middle-class nice neighborhood with very little crime. It was back in a time when I got home from school park my car in the front yard with the windows down and keys in the ignition, which if you would do that today your car would get stolen. I was a boy scout and was in a youth group with my church and played baseball. I have spent the last twenty years going to doctors and they talk to me for five minutes and then prescribe me medicine without even explaining what is really going on in their thinking process. Modern medicine moves so slowly in its advancement and I have seen people wait

What 5G mobile networks cause health risks?

What 5G mobile networks cause health risks? The following story is from a UK BBC and it also applies to American citizens. I am so sick and tired of this government thinking that they can just use the tax-paying population as guinea pigs, it is absurd. I have worked in this industry for the better part of thirty years and it is not for the weak or afraid, at any-time you are hanging off a building or house in the dead of winter trying to finish the job without being killed. Those dishes are known as the Direcway Satellite System, and we had to be trained just to be near them and if you do not pass the yearly test then you cannot install them or even be an assistant. Now twenty years after I first started installing them with all of their stickers warning about the hazards of microwave radiation they have the brass balls to mount these things barely twenty feet up which with this type of signal, which is "line-of-site" type of signal so if you decide to go to work in your
To be eligible for the Johnson Scholar's Scholarship you must submit an essay (300-600 words) explaining your educational plans/and STEM field of interest. This is my winning essay that I wrote for my Scholarship My plan for my education starts out getting my AS Computer Information Technology from LSSC. I have to get through a few hurdles first. I have a physical handicap, Spinal injury in my lower back, in which cost me a job and a way of life. This school that I am doing is my way of getting back into the workforce to become a productive member of society. The second thing that has caused me issues is my ADHD, and overcoming how to deal with the way my brain works and keeping it focused, and I am doing this with professional help. I have progressed in my health enough to get into school in a subject I love and in a field I know a lot about already. I plan on continuing my education after my AS, I will then go to UCF for the Information Technology (B.S.) and I plan on parti
God Has a Plan An We Are Involved. Thomas Fry 2/22/2017 1400hrs. I believe after listening to Dr. Micheal Heiser speaking on Acts 2:1-21 and going down a rabbit hole that explains what he thinks will happen at the end times and they are coming soon. I have been listening to Dr. Heiser is a excellent speaker and expert on the Bible and what each chapter means broken down to their Greek and Hebrew original languages. I very much respect this man for teaching me to understand the Bible the correct way, because the Bible can be hard to understand at times. when he starts talking about what the end of the world will be like. I had a thought enter my head during his video on this particular book of Acts. I believe that the end of the world, mainly the one thousand year millennial rein after the seven year tribulation where God judges the world and after comes down to earth to live among his people for as the Bible says one thousand years, now I believe this will be a much longer time fr